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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> whatever. tonight on et, only channel nine if that's your cup of tea. it is 6:00 a.m., i am andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff has time saver traffic in a moment. first howard is here with the weather. >> fog registered at the plastic surgery center of la i understand. we have fog that we're dealing with this morning. the fog will burn off, partly cloudy skies today with increasing clouds this afternoon. upper 50s by noon and 60 by 5:00 with highs in the low 60s. speaking of the fog, let's go down to upper marlborough, visibility less than a mile, some areas are worse than that. sneaking in toward northern virginia, northwest, visibilities in manassas down to a quarter. 6 miles at national, although maybe a mile or two in northwest, andrews is a quarter,
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easton, cambridge, packs river is two and a half. queen anne and dorchester counties under delays this morning as temperatures are running into the 40s, but again some areas with patchy dense fog. 6:00 a.m., angie has your time saver traffic. good morning everybody. i hope you had a great weekend. we are kicking off the 6:00 hour with the green light. everything okay out there with the exception to this new accidents that we are learning about if we can switch the map over on the inner loop past van dore n street. this is the live conditions you notice we are starting to stack up pretty hefty out here, checking out taillights. all lanes are congested approaching the crash scene. moving to the maps again we'll stick it over to 66 headed eastbound, that's where we'll find yellow out here. moving outside, congestion is building around route 50. back to the maps, a little bit of limited visibility out this way on 66. it looks like the inner and outer loop is doing just fine
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as it crosses over here past the an none dale area. over to the outer loop, to 270, ten minutes. the 95 southbound from 216 to the beltway, overall nine. the inner loop from route four, pennsylvania avenue to the wilson bridge doing just fine. still ahead in your next traffic report, a check on 50 westbound from the eastern shore. that's at 6:12. back to you. thank you, angie. at 6:02 here's a look at stories happening today. today the chandra levy murder trial begins. the defense attorneys are expected to call final witnesses early this week. last week prosecutors dropped the attempted sexual assault charge against the defendant. he faces kidnapping and murder charges. the jury could get the case as early as wednesday. the newest members of congress will begin orientation on capitol hill. their two day session begins
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today. nearly 100 new members of the house of the representatives will get a new laptop, blackberry and initial briefing papers. this year's freshmen class will be sworn in january 5th. the wait for redskins fans is almost over. more than two weeks after losing to the detroit lions, the burgundy and gold will host the philadelphia eagles tonight on monday night football. it's the second meeting between the two teams. the redskins won october 3rd. prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to return to work after being arrested friday. >> the fbi arrested johnson his wife on charges in a government corruption investigation. 9news now reporter kristin fisher joins us live from the county government center where this is bound to be anything but a normal monday. this was the talk of the weekend. >> reporter: oh, no kidding, andrea. but believe it or not, jack johnson's spokesperson says this will be another normal monday, but come on, how often does the county's executive show up to
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work wearing a monitoring device? not very often. that is exactly what will happen right here later this morning when jack johnson returns to work just three days after he and his wife leslie johnson were arrested by the fbi. sources close to the investigation say more arrests are possible this week as well. this is all part of a massive corruption and bribe brie investigation, specifically involving charges that johnson took bribes from developers. the one element in this case that has everyone talking are the allegations that the couple tried to destroy a $100,000 check by flushing it down the toilet and they allegedly tried to hide almost $80,000 inside leslie johnson's bra. the couple insists they are innocent. listen to what jack johnson said friday hours after his arrest. >> i'm innocent of these charges.
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and i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> reporter: jack johnson is not expected to speak with reporters again today, but the county executive elect has scheduled a press conference for 5:00 tonight. back to you, mike and andrea. >> kristin, jack johnson has a few weeks left on the job, but his wife was just elected to the county council. what will happen to that position? >> reporter: well, for now at least it seems like she's going to keep it. jack johnson's spokesperson has said that as of now she is expected to be sworn in to office on december 6th. that's the same day jack johnson's term is set to end. until then jack johnson's spokesperson says he will continue to serve out his term for the next three weeks. interesting stuff. should be a very unusual three
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weeks here at prince george's county government center. >> that's an understatement, kristin. thank you very much for that report. authorities are still searching for the parents of a newborn who was found abandoned in a parking lot of a search in springfield, virginia. a parishioner found the baby girl before sunday mass at saint raymond catholic church. the infant was in a duffel bag near the entrance of the church parking lot. officials say the baby was wrapped in towels, her umbilical cord was still attached. police are now concerned about the health of the mother. >> she clearly did not deliver this baby in a hospital. so we need to make sure we find her to make sure she's okay. >> the infant is in a nova fairfax hospital. the baby appears to be of full term and possibly hispanic. the child was only exposed to the elements outside for a few minutes before being found. many states including virginia, maryland and the district have safe haven laws. which allows a caretaker to a drop a baby at a hospital or
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rescue squad without fear of criminal charges. in virginia the child can be 14 days old. in a district the baby can be no older than a week. in maryland a caretaker has only three days after the child is born to drop it off at a hospital or rescue center. while you slept, another qantas airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing in australia. >> this is the third time in the last 11 days the airline has had a plane with mechanical problems. this morning a 747 headed for argentina. it returned safely to sydney after an electrical short in the cockpit. qantas grounded the a380 fleet earlier this month after a part of the engine fell off in flight. pakistani police say a bomb exploded in the northwest part of the country killing two people and wounding three more. local television reports claim the bomb targeted a vehicle carrying the head of the local tribal committee. that committee is made up of family members of an antitaliban mayor who was killed last year.
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seven after the hour, time for another your money report. jessica is here to show us how to show our thanks during the holidays. >> that's right, guys. a great time of year to say thank you to all the people that do so much for us during the year, right? but holiday tipping can also raise the stress levels about what's appropriate. so we turn to an expert for guidelines. >> tis the season to give and to tip, but holiday tipping can be confusing. >> i don't know. it depends on the service, everything. >> and boy are there a lot of people to tip. >> the woman that cleans my house. >> the parking garage attendant. >> the hairdresser. >> the mail man, we give them a little something, the person who delivers the newspaper. >> we struggle with the day care, because you have a big care of folks and handful of sitters. >> not only is there confusion about who to tip but also how much to tip.
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>> pamela president and director of the protocol school of washington provided 9news now with these guidelines, have a gardner your trip should be 20 to $100 depending on what you pay weekly or monthly. what about the newspaper carrier? if you're happy with the service a 20 to $50 tip is appropriate. for your hairstylist give at least twice your regular tip. >> 30 to 40%. >> everybody in that say done does their best to make everybody look beautiful and feel great, so i think over in the salon should be taken care of really well. >> what about your child's teacher could money be viewed as tacky like a bribe? a handwritten note is recommended and a stress relieving gift basket or spa treatment of the biggest tea spa is going overboard, or a high priced item. >> we don't tip a teacher, but we give them a gift. >> gifts don't have to be big to make someone feel good. >> last year i bought coffee for the guy behind me. >> we should give something to
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the people who help us throughout the year. >> this tough economy may make it difficult to tip service providers. consumers reports says a handwritten thank you note always appropriate and can go a long way. i mean, obviously a lot of these folks rely on tips for their income. so dow what you can. you try to help people, right? >> yeah. they'll understand. thank you, jessica. thank you. well, prince william county teen who pulled a man from a burning car was honored yet again over the weekend. >> the virginia chapter of the sons of the american ref laws presented a medal of honor to chris about berger. it is the second honor. over the summer the teen pulled the driver of a burning hummer out of the car minutes before the gas tank exploded. okay. 10 minutes after 6:00. howard has your forecast in 90 seconds. and next college aspirations,
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what one local organization is doing to help teens stay on track in school. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, 6:12. we have fog in spots this morning, some of it dense, especially south and east of washington. delays on the eastern shore. 9:00 a.m., partly cloudy, 54. by noon a mix of sun and clouds 59. this afternoon clouds thicken up as highs get into the lower 60s with light northeast winds.
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right now no complaints, howard, with traffic as we look at 50 westbound in real time from the bay bridge towards the beltway. fog warnings in effect at the bay bridge though. coming up in your next traffic report at 6:19 an update on the outer loop against. 6:13, in three hours new york congressman charles rangel will appear before a house committee. the democrat will be answering questions related to 13 counts of ethics violations. it is one of the stories making news this monday morning. rangel is accused of tax evasion and paying below rates in harlem apartments. a new development in the case of a missing ohio family, a 13-year-old girl was found bound and gagged in the basement of a home 10 miles from where she lived in columbus, ohio. teenager sarah maynard is in the hospital now in good condition. her mother, ten-year-old brother and a family friend are still
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missing. in this morning's hero central, from the boys in the hood to our saturated media, young girls have plenty of influences they could surely do without. one organization has pushed for more than a century to save those lives in more ways than one. this is inside the crittenden services of greater d.c. >> reporter: these senior girls from d.c.'s hd woodson high, have a bee line on their goals and dreams because of what they don't have, kids. >> nobody has a kid? >> no. can we safely say that crittenden helped keep that from happening? >> definitely. >> reporter: the three girls all say they owe a debt to crittenden services sneakers program, which they have been taking part in for years. once a week at school lunch hour a program coordinator like tinsel and simms hall gathers groups of high school girls to
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talk, to share, to learn. job one, keep the kids from having kids. >> so we do a lot of work around that particular subject and talking to the girls about contraceptives, about abstinence, about proper family planning. >> while hopefully inspiring them to trans-send their circumstances. >> are you going to study what? >> forensic anthropology. >> how do you hear about that? >> we take them to clinic visits, we take them to colleges and universities to expose them to something different, we try expose them to different cultural things. >> reporter: so far the program is in seven area schools and is helping to change the lives of more than 200 girls. and there is a similar program for young lady who is have already become parents. sames hall says the message isn't all that different. >> many times they say their friends they tried to encourage to come to the program, they start to see their lives go in two different directions, that's when they're able to point back to the program and say hey, this
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is -- this is important for me and it's really helped me. >> reporter: you're all going to college? >> uh-huh. how much credit does crittenden deserve for that? >> a lot. >> crittenden has been around for 123 years. it used to be a home for pregnant unwe had girls, but since 1983, the group has changed it's focus who be more proactive. for a link to this organization or find out more information about any of the charities we're profiling, go to our website, it's click on the heroes link. howard is here, we were talking about tipping earlier. he deserves a mega tip after last week's forecast and maybe a smaller one this week. he's not really in charge of weather. >> five good weekend in a row. while we have rain going, we'll make it six. >> we'll blame it on mother nature. we give you the high parks. >> weather wise the problem is fog south and east. your bus stop
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forecast, we have partly cloudy conditions in some spots, especially north and west. then we get the fog, some particularly dense south and east. fog in northwest as well. you will see visibilities in many areas half mile, quarter mile or even less. over in queen anne's and dorchester county school is delayed 90 minutes due to fog. day planner, partly sunny, 54 degrees, winds light, at 5 miles per hour. 59 at noon, a high today around 62. still four above average this time of year. visibility is a real problem, manassas, fredericksburg is okay. but in stafford we have visibilities a half mile or so. andrews half mile. leonardtown, cambridge east, a quarter mile visibility. packs river two and a half. everybody else, gaithersburg down to a mile and a half. everybody north and west generally in good shape.
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temperature wise we have 40s around montgomery county, sterling down to 39, 44 reston, haymarket is 40. north and east, columbia, baltimore 49. andrews is 46. we know we have fog also in upper marlborough this morning, 47. 48 in washington, calm winds and high humidity, 93%. we had cloud cover overnight north and west of town as this system passed north, there was a sprinkle. south and east skies are clear, that helped with the fog. off to the south we have all sorts of rain, louisiana, mississippi moving into alabama. it will ride up this front and then we'll be watching as the moisture heads in this direction. not so much midday. i think this is over done here in and around the bay. we head into tonight, this is when we see rain moving in, even by 10:00, 11:00, even earlier, going to the redskins game keep in mind we could have second half showers with temperatures around 50 degrees.
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cool and a little damp. you'll want to bundle up for that. next three days look pretty good with temperatures tomorrow -- let me rephrase that. the next three days look okay after tomorrow. tomorrow mid 50s. we have showers and rain into wednesday morning. wednesday turns out okay in the afternoon, breezy, mild, 64. cooling off thursday and friday, low to mid 50s. the weekend partly to mostly sunny, temperatures back above 60. 6:19, angie your turn. i'll take it away, thank you very much, howard. hello everybody. looks like we're dealing with moderate conditions, because things are starting to slow down out there. we have the outer loop at van doren, the accident has been pushed to the shoulder, the left shoulder, but you're jammed from 95 to the scene. we're looking at plus five minutes for that. to the maps, no major incidents on the outer loop in maryland. volume is building outside from new hampshire avenue over to georgia. a little foggy conditions to
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contend with. back to our real time graphics, a closer look at interstate 270 making the southbound trip below speed from frederick to 121. then we have more volume building and foggy conditions between 118 germantown road to 370. use caution. on the outer loop the van doren delay, to the wilson bridge, 13 minutes, usually takes seven. eastbound 66 is an extra seven minutes there. and northbound d.c. 295 no real problems toward the 11th street bridge. fox hall and canal is in your next traffic report at 6:24. back to you. thank you, angie. coming up on 9news now, the redskins get ready to host philadelphia tonight for monday night football. >> what about the eagles has most mike shanahan worried? >> could the caps have a home winning streak of six?
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highlights next.
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dealing with fog, especially south and east of town that will slow you down, some visibilities down to half mile. manassas is a quarter mile. we will see partly sunny conditions, midday, 54 at 9:00, 59 at noon. mostly cloudy by the time you head home with a temperatures around 60. mike and andrea? thank you, howard. infere 12 hours, the redskins will kickoff monday night football against the eagles. the top priority for the burgundy and gold, protecting john don van mcnabb. through eight times he has been sacked 22 times, the second most in the league. to make matters worse, the redskins face a philadelphia defense among the best at getting to the quarterback.
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>> their top defensive scheme, you get behind you have to catch up they do a great job putting pressure on the quarterback, getting sacks and turnovers. to eliminate their amount of pressure you have to make sure you have a balanced attack and you don't get behind too much. >> the caps were on the ice putting a five game home winning streak on the line versus atlanta. they tied four, in the third period. and a game winner, caps win their sixth straight, final score six to pure. college basketball, the terps off to a three and zero start to the season. maryland hosted maine at the comcast center. a game high 20 points, maryland would go on to win by 30. >> still to come why one local teacher believes the answer to the universe lies at the south pole. and a speed camera live in
6:26 am
the area, we'll tell you what you need to know when you start your morning commute. angie goff has more on your commute right now. >> thank you, andrea. problem free taking a live look at fox hall and canal, the ride into the district. in your next traffic report at 6:31, we'll have an update on virginia roads and that accident on the outer loop. happy monday everybody. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. we're back at 6:30 even every day we have your weather first. a live look at the u.s. capitol, beautiful of course. fog hanging over us though. thank you for starting your monday with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard, lost how's the weather. >> fog a couple feet from the ground f that high. there is a lot of fog in places like manassas, easton, cambridge, leonardtown over to andrews. many areas a half mile or less. that will slow you down, north and west visibility better. montgomery air park is a mile and a half. look for a mix of sun and clouds through midday as temperatures climb to the upper 50s by
6:31 am
noon. mostly cloudy, 60 for the drive home. we could have showers around tonight that could impact the redskins' game. i'll tell you that at 6:43. here angie. thank you, howard. happy monday everybody. so glad you could join us. i want to show you we have a yellow light, drivers are slowing on a lot of the main roads out there, particularly on the outer loop as we move it outside at van doren street. the delays, the taillights continue to stack up around 95
6:32 am
inner loop has problems at van dorent as well. we are in the red, below speed, making the trip from the prince william parkway to lorten area. you will find congestion on the back lick road area to the mixing bowl. the focus is on 66, you are
6:33 am
will. sores close to the investigation are also saying more arrests could be coming later this week after details of the arrest were made public in court documents. we're talking details like the couple allegedly trying to destroy a check for $100 by flushing it down the toilet,
6:34 am
and trying to hide $80,000 worth of money in lesli johnson's bra. >> both jack and leslie johnson say they are indeed innocent, but if they are convicted, they face up to 20 years behind bars. back to you, mike and andrea. thank you. up with of those stories everybody is talking about this morning. we have an update on a pizza store shooting we told you about saturday. 17-year-old pasadena maryland teen has been charged with the murder. a teen and three men walked into mr. wings and pizza in glen burnie, announced a hold up. flores and a female employee told them to leave, the man was shot and died from wounds. another state has banned for loko. the new york state liquor authority and it's largest beer distributors have agreed to stop selling the drink. the fda is reviewing the safety
6:35 am
of caffeinated alcohol drinks which have the same amount of alcohol as five to six beers. a maryland woman was killed after drinking two cans of for loko. the 21-year-old courtney spurry crashed a pickup truck into you a tilt pole. >> that night, she was not the same person. she could not remember people's names. she blacked out within 30 minutes of having the alcoholic beverage. the maker has agreed to stop shipping that beverage to new york. the drink has been banned in four other states. 6:35. drivers in college park be aware, view slaters can get a $40 ticket for speeding. the camera is located at paint branch parkway near the trolley trail. we told you about it in october. but until now speeders only received warnings. anyone going more than 12 miles an hour over the speed limit
6:36 am
will now be ticketed. checking news where you live, a warning for motorists, buckle up. police are cracking down on drivers not wearing seat belts. it's part of the annual click it or ticket campaign. not wearing a seat belt could mean a $25 ticket in maryland, a $50 ticket in dc. in virginia drivers have to be pulled over for another offense first, but they will then face a $25 fine if they are cited for not wearing a seat belt. for more stories from where you live, go to if you have a story or news tip, we would love to hear from you, contact us and be part of the team. it is 6:36, time for another your money report. >> jessica is here to tell us about a big day for one of the big three. >> that's right. we're talking about general motors making it's return to wall street this week. the first public stock offering since the public bailed it out is scheduled for thursday. analysts say the stock should trade between 26 and $29 a
6:37 am
sharon the new york stock exchange. should you buy it? gm executives are playing up the bright spots in the company's future, but there are red flags you should know about. analysts note this major concern, in regulatory filings, gm admits it doesn't have great control over its finances. and since the government is gm's largest shareholder political priorities may trump shareholder demand. ceos have been edge jig bigger paychecks, because stock versus been bouncing back and corporate profits have been surging. the paper crunched the numbers from 450 companies. the median ceo package of salary bonuses and incentives came in at $7.2 million. that is up 3% this year. don't you feel left out? more money is coming your way. nearly all companies intend to increase salaries this coming year, but consultants say the average pay raise is 3%. and more employees can look
6:38 am
forward to bonuses with the amount of awards going up as well. it's looking better next year. fingers crossed. vietnam veterans will return home sunday but the trip to the nation's capital wasn't without unplanned excitement. >> sure was. the group was celebrating a 40th reunion on veteran's day. they had finished dinner thursday night and heading out, look at the smoke. it tells the story. they were on their hotel tour bus. it started filling up with smoke and then burst into flames. >> the flames starting then they grew pretty big and then the tires started exploding. >> that gets your attention. the veterans were upgraded to a stretch hummer. everybody was out safely. they had the limousine for the less of their tour of washington and spent another day touring the city before they made it home safely. 6:38. up next howard has our weather first and a look at the work week forecast. >> here's what you see tonight
6:39 am
on channel 9, 8:00 o'clock, how i met your mother and rules of engagement. two and a half men at 9:00 and mike and molly. and then book them danno, hawaii five-0, we're right back after this.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 6:43, howard is here with the forecast and a special hello to a viewer. that's right. vin vent davis watches us every morning getting ready for school. it happens to be his birthday. >> happy birthday. >> we have fog out there. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon before the clouds thicken up and rain is on the way. your bus stop forecast, thank you all the davis in bristow for watching us every day. patchy fog mainly south and
6:44 am
east. dulles is down to a mile and a half. temperatures in the 40s. the sun is coming up here in eight minutes. it will set at 4:54 this afternoon, washington time. a little laetare our west by a few minutes. 51, 8:00, still mostly cloudy out there. light winds north to northeast 5 miles per hour. upper 50s by noon. by 4:00 now we become mostly cloudy, 61. by 8:00, mid 50s at best at national airport. some areas by then may be in the lower 50s with showers approaching. look at the visibilities, quarter mile in leonardtown, three quarters in andrews, quarter while in cambridge. dorchester and queen anne you're on a 90 minute delay. manassas a quarter. some extends halfway down the trees, that's how low the ceiling is. winchester is 46, 46 in cross
6:45 am
junction, culpepper 39 degrees, hagerstown 48. speaking of jan in readville, low 50s. the bay is keeping her warm and annapolis is 51 degrees. national airport 48. visibility 6 miles at last check, with cloudy skies and calm winds. the humidity is high at 93%. some of the areas where the fog is thickest you may need the wiper a little due to light drizzle coming out of that. a little snow in the northern plains and rockies . look at the storm gathering this moisture out of the gulf, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, going to atlanta today. grab the rain gear. they'll have some hefty rains moving in. and for us a fast moving system drops a few light sprinkles to the north. montgomery county toward carol, howard county, a few sprinkles overnight. this front trying to come through, we will see the front become a stationary front as we go throughout the day. it will make some progress but with a low coming out of the south, it will hold up the
6:46 am
front. that will be the path. by 11:00 tonight, rain is moving in, that could spell problems for the skins game. if you're going to that game, tailgating early shouldn't be a problem. we start in the low 50s, 7:00. 50s by 9:00 and again by 11:00. i believe in the second half you may need rain gear. keep that in mind and no umbrellas just the rain jacket. don't want to block the view of the other fans in the stadium. your next three days, temperatures are nice today at 62. cool, 56 tomorrow. showers and rain. we could end up by the time this thing pulls away after wednesday morning showers with more than an inch of rain from this system. wednesday 64. thursday slim chance of a shower with another system. mostly cloudy, 55. the weekend looks good as we warm backup into the 60s. it's 6:46. here's angie with time saver traffic. good morning, we are waking up to moderate conditions out there. a lot of our rain roads slowing down as you look at the map, yellow, red and we have the
6:47 am
focus in your district looking at your roads out there. we take you live to connecticut and florida avenue, where in dc it looks like the roads are checking out like this, moving. lanes are open. no major incidents or accidents to report. switching over to the maps again, 395, good morning, virginia. heading northbound, notice that red and yellow crossing over the beltway, crossing the mixing bowl. that's because we are below speed from 495 to king street. that's taking drivers 15 minutes and growing. use the brakes crossing the 14th street bridge. travel times on the outer loop from 95 to 270, a 20 minute commute. usually takes ten. doubling the time on 66 as well. 20 minute drive, that usually takes ten from the fairfax county parkway. and the beltway van doren to the wilson bridge, 13 minutes and growing. still ahead on 9news now at 6:58 in your next report your top traffic headlines of the morning. back to you. thank you, angie. here's a look at movies topping
6:48 am
the charts this morning. mega mind, the dreamworks animation film starring will ferrell, brad pitt and tina fey was first for the second straight week, bringing in slightly more than $30 million. it's now made nearly $90 million total. and rounding out the top five, denzel washington's unstoppable, 23.5 million. due date 15.5 million. skyline, 11.7 million. and my personal favorite morning glory 9.6 million. >> catch mike in morning glory. >> very beginning, don't be late though. how did the universe begin? a local high school teacher is headed to antarctica. as peggy fox reports, dozens of scientists will search for the answers at the bottom of the world. >> have fun! >> reporter: washington science teacher katie sherry is heading
6:49 am
to antarctica where it is 40 below zero. project ice cube is collecting data from a mile underground from 8000 photo collectors like this one. >> in a light bulb electricity comes in and light comes out. in this reverse light bulb, light comes into this end and electricity comes out of the top into a cable that goes to our data collection computers. >> reporter: ms. sherry says it captures the lie from muons moving from the ice, they come from newtoni, they are streaming through you and me right now, all through the building, all through the sun. we've never been able to study them in large quantities before. >> ms. sherry says scientists at the south pole are hoping to detect neutrinos from the big bang. >> we're trying to learn about universal questions, where do we come from? what sells out there? who are we? what are we made of? the biggest questions that have been interesting since the dawn of time.
6:50 am
>> they'll see penguins and seals, but no polar bears, they live at the north pole. >> now, it will take katie sherry five days to get to antarctica. once she is there, she'll be blogging and sending video clips to share with students. if you are interested she'll be on our website. >> that will be exciting to watch. >> really cool. 6:50. we have 58 degrees in northwest washington. next we're heading to work and school with news before you go. we are just four stays away from the dc.high the play of the day is from timmy green. that's magruder, 18 yards on the touchdown connection to richard william. still they fall to northwest 16-6. do not forget to vote online in our pole for game of the week. the winning game will be featured this friday night on
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nine sports, casting your vote today. the winner will be announced thursday night.
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coming up on 6:54, watch out for patchy dense fog over the next hour or two. generally we will a mix of sun and clouds, 59 at noon, 61 at 3:00 p.m., with highs in the low 60s. by 6:00, upper 50s. 6:54 looking at news before you go, county executive jack johnson is expected back to work in princes georges county after being arrested friday. he was accused of witness tampering, altering documents and bribery. the sandra levee murder trial resumes today. the defense attorneys are expected to call their final witnesses early this week.
6:55 am
and the jury could get the case as early as wednesday. the early show begins in just five minutes. right now maggie rodriguez tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> mike, andrea good morning to you. as you know, congress is reconvening today for the first time since the republican take over of the house in the mid terms. we will look at the challenges that lie ahead for president obama in this lame duck session. also, we'll take you to ohio where three people are missing after police discovered the 13-year-old girl bound and gagged in a basement. we'll take you inside the investigation. and on friday we last saw dave price in alaska, wondering howie get out. we'll see if he did as he continues his no way home journey. it's all coming up this monday on the early show. our time is 6:55. one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. keep it here. oh wow, look at that.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 6:59, we'll be okay today once the fog burns off. could impact the skins game, showers role in. cool thursday and friday. major congestion on the outer loop 95 to georgia, about a 20 minute commute. on 270, 80 o to 21 slow. germantown slow. watch the fog, 66 slow eastbound. higher on wall street this morning. that's good news. early show is next. >> our next newscast is at noon. >> any time go to we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. i'll see you again at noon. have a great monday, everybody. see


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